Abbie and Kate are the hosts of the Myths Magic and Murder podcast. We've known each other for years, but in 2019 we decided to combine our love for all things spooky, scary, and silly into one podcast.
We love learning about the scary and the unknown,
and we love to create—so we hope you love our show!

-  Horror film enthusiast
-  Demonologist ( with a certificate and everything!)
-  Film graduate - based her film degree about 80's slashers
-  A firm believer in the occult - The world is more than it seems!
-  Interest in the strange and unusual probably came from Watching endless hours of Scooby Doo as a child
- Could probably drink more human blood than you
- Currently practising tasseography, social interaction and eating fewer things she's allergic to
-Awful dad jokes

- True crime enthusiast
- Psychology graduate ( what makes people do all this wild stuff!?)
- Open minded to a whole bunch of everything - but not that
- Interest in the strange and unusual probably came from when her older brother encouraged her to watch horror films when she was a literal baby
- Could probably drink more oat iced lattes than you
- Currently practising tarot readings, being nicer to people, and remembering to text Abbie back
- Joke style is just awful

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